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The key to locating a prison inmate is knowing which prison system they are incarcerated with, and determining whether the inmate is in a state prison or a federal prison. When it comes to locating a prisoner in a state prison, it is helpful to know which state system the inmate is a part of at the time. Note that if you are trying to contact a friend, relative or acquaintance in a state prison system, the rules for contacting that inmate will vary based on the state where the prisoner is jailed.

The Typical Process

Contacting a State Prison Inmate

Once you have determined where a prisoner is located and what prison system they are a part of, contacting them is not very difficult. Recognize that it can take some time for prisoners to receive mail. It is the individual prisoner's prerogative whether to respond or not to an inquiry. Some prisoners feel comfortable corresponding with friends, family members, clergy and people in the general population. On the other hand, other prisoners prefer to keep to themselves during their incarceration. While it may seem a bit antiquated, reaching out to a prisoner via the regular mail is your best option. An inmate will contact you via phone if they are so inclined and if they are allowed to do so by the prison staff. By following the steps and proper protocol, you will be able to communicate with a friend or relative who is currently serving time in a state prison.

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